Silence = Death

by DVL

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released October 9, 2015

Written, performed and produced by James Thomas



all rights reserved


DVL Verona, Italy

DVL is an electronica artist, influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Puscifer, Team Sleep and How To Destroy Angels. DVL aims to provide a varied and immersive listening experience, with the focus on atmospheric textures, driving rhythms, soaring choruses and songs that stick in your head. ... more

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Track Name: Drone Fly
Cos there’s no reason or rhyme
Where shadows lay
All horizons lead to the end of days

Whoever tells you to lie
Speaks the truth
Feel the silence pulling you down within


With you
Don't ever step out of line
Don't ever turn out the light

With you
Don't ever leave me behind
Don't ever reach behind the truth

And when you walk on the line
above the fall
Try to recollect where you’ve been at all

I never lived in the hope
of something real
But even though I failed I believe in you

In you

And I just can’t break free from your insanity
Your prayers won’t hypnotise, I can’t believe in your lies
Track Name: Dying Sun
Don't waste your time
Trying to live inside
Don't waste your life away
Just wave goodbye
You need to bite your tongue
And never speak the truth
And liberate the rage you feel inside of you

Don't lead the blind
Into your fantasy
Don't realise your anger into me
You need to brace yourself
To feel the energy
I never thought we'd see the day that's come to be

So wash it all away from here
There ain’t no other way
So watch it fall and wash it all away forever
It won’t be sad to see the end of this
So wash it all away
Track Name: Aeronaut
And I wanna see a million things
That you’ll never see
And I’ll feed your mind insidiously
Take it all away
It’s taking over
It’s wrapped around your face
It’s safe to say you won’t fly

And I wanna be a million things
That you’ll never be
And leave behind all this misery
Let it fall away
It’s taking over
It’s locked you in your place
It’s safe to say you’re all mine
All the time

And I'm lost without a trace
So many times I wasted it all again
And I've blown it all away
Live with the pain of faking it all again

Leave this place now you’ll never return
And you’ll never forget
Taste the shame of every second you fall
You can never resist
It’s taking over
It’s locked you in your place
It’s safe to say you’re all mine
All the time
Track Name: Broken Horizon
Why’s it have to be
That everything will lead to nothing?
Now what I’ve become
I’m so alone
I’m so alone
As the illusion fades away
And then it’s gone
Is there anything left here now?
The darkness comes
I’m so alone
I’m so alone

I crawl away
This fallen world is too heavy anyway
And now all hope is gone forever
It’s lost with the feeling

Leave this all to me
It’s taken me a lifetime of suffering
And now I fear
It’s overload
It’s overload
And when it dies will I be free?
Or when it’s gone
I’ll forever be locked inside the darkness now
It’s overload
It’s overload

I crawl away
This fallen world is too heavy anyway
And now all hope is gone forever
It’s lost with the feeling

This broken horizon leaves us
Lost behind the cries of all
We’re trapped inside eternity
And we’re never coming home

I crawl away
This fallen world is too heavy anyway
And now all hope is gone forever
It’s lost with the feeling
Track Name: Slowdive
I’m awake but I can’t see
Visions of mortuaries are haunting me
And I taste the blood on your face
Memory saves me from this evidence

Turn away from this sunlight
Try to forget this soulful paradise
I can’t face this matter at hand
I can’t remain, I long for severance

I can’t breathe
It’s stolen my soul away
It’s stolen my life and everything I ever knew
So don’t feel
You’ve taken it all away
And live with the pain inside
It’s all I ever do

Innocence deserted me
Live with the truth in everything you see
And I died and my spirit flies
Nothing remains but bones and sorry lies
Track Name: Wounds Invisible To The Eye
No-one to blame
No-one could feel the same
No-one can see the twisted version of me anyway

Don’t wanna fight
Don’t wanna justify
Don’t wanna fall inside the tar pit of your memory

Nothing will change
No-one can rearrange
Even the place that I found sanctuary died

Losing my mind
Losing it every time
Why does the same hallucination make me blind?

There’s a way to break the fall so long
Without killing anyone
Never understand why it feels so wrong
And I’ll take the pain that’s in your way
Cos it don’t matter anyway
And it don’t remain so long
Track Name: Too Far Gone
I’d rather die right now
Than be your slave
I’d rather take the pain
Than see your face
I’d rather feel the fear
That tastes like hate
I’d rather feel like no one else decides my fate

I’d rather face the truth
Than eat your lies
I never said a word
As this pain multiplies
We’re living in a world
It’s shattered now
And every time I realise it’s too far gone

Maybe your life’s a thousand lonely years
Or maybe you thought you were the one
And every single time it takes
It never stays the same
You never see the truth until it’s gone